1. To increase the level of awareness of the menace of substance use/abuse through lectures, seminars, workshops, and conferences.
  2. To provide mental/emotional, physical, spiritual and social rehabilitation to victims of substance abuse.
  3. To assist parents, schools, employers, religious groups/leaders, and other interested persons, groups or institutions in controlling substance abuse within their domain.
  4. To work closely with the Judiciary, Prison Services, and Reformation centers on handling cases of substance abuse.
  5. To treat/manage and increase the level of awareness of substance related disorders – mental illness, HIV/AIDS, and other sexually transmitted infections disorders. Awareness of Drug use/abuse and other Sexually Transmitted Infections etc.
  6. To organize the family, the church and peer groups as support groups for victims of substance abuse.
  7. To coordinate the twelve-step abstinence program for the various substance abuse groups and related disorders.
  8. To provide skills acquisition programs for victims of substance abuse.
  9. As a preventive measure, to also provide skills acquisition Training for the Youth at Risk.
  10. To provide palliative care to these target groups.
  11. To collaborate and network with other organization and Stakeholders towards achieving the foregoing goals.