Who we are


Isana Center for Information and Substance Abuse Treatment (ICISAT) is a Non-profit and Non-governmental Organization solely devoted to the prevention and treatment of substance use/abuse, substance induced and related disorders, HIV/AIDS-other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), Infectious diseases (TB etc) and mental illness. The idea for ICISAT was conceived in 1999/2000 and finally took off in 2002. The centre was registered by CAC Abuja in 2005.


The center accepts individuals who are willing to change regardless of age, gender or religion. Professional referrals from Medical Doctors, Social Welfare Officers, Nurses, Human Resource Managers, the Armed Forces, the Prisons/Security Agencies on recovering addicts and related ailments etc. are welcome. Members of the Public can send or refer clients to the centre.

All Clients are required on arrival to go through at least three units of the Center. After initial assessment, the order of progression from one unit to the other will depend on the unique problems presented by the Individual. All clients are required to consent for treatment and be in treatment with at least one family member.