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Isana Center for Information and Substance Abuse Treatment (ICISAT) is a Non-profit and Non-governmental Organization solely devoted to the prevention and treatment of substance use/abuse, substance induced and related disorders, HIV/AIDS-other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), Infectious diseases (TB etc) and mental illness. 


To reverse the current trend of substance use and abuse through offering services that will sensitize the drug using population to seek help, improve mental health and prevent drug seeking behavior in the general populace.


To be a treatment center that will meet the needs of both the drug using and non drug using population towards a drug free community and be the leader in behavior change through effective interventions that will compare with any in the country and beyond.

Admission of clients

The center accepts individuals who are willing to change regardless of age, gender or religion. Professional referrals from Medical Doctors, Social Welfare Officers, Nurses, Human Resource Managers, the Armed Forces, the Prisons/Security Agencies on recovering addicts and related ailments etc. are welcome. Members of the Public can send or refer clients to the centre.



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(BSc human physiology, MSc Pharmacology)

Head – Information/Research

Head – Psychological Unit

Head – Medical Laboratory 

Assistant Head – Medical Laboratory

Social Worker

Retired Nurse/Midwife,

Biblical Counsellor 

Finance Officer 

Registered Nurse/Midwife. Perioperative Nurse.

Medical Unit 

Clinical Psychologist/rTMS Expert

Assistant Head, ICT

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