The Psychological Unit


Understandably, mental illness often poses a significant obstacle to progress in drug abuse treatment. Research has shown that drug abuse clients with psychiatric complications often do poor in traditional drug treatment regardless of the quality, unless their mental health problem is also treated. Therefore, the center provides treatment for mental ill health to clients found with dual diagnosis of substance abuse and mental illness, or mental illness alone as the case may be. Services on mental health and Life skills training are assessed here and refere to our empower programmes as the need arises.


The Medical Unit


Medical and Physical cases are handled by this section. A Standard  Medical Laboratory is in place for testing to help in diagnosis of  medical cases, for initial assessment of HIV, while confirmatory tests are carried out by a center recommended by ICISAT. Drug and alcohol screening is also available for the drug using population.


The Spiritual and Counselling unit

The twelve steps programmed for each of the areas will be the focus of this unit. This unit will also carry out biblical counseling and training.


Information / Awareness Unit


This unit is responsible for the prevention/information dissemination aspects of Substance Use and Abuse, STIs- HIV/AIDS and Mental illness. Clients will be provided with enough information on the various aspects of their ailments; what is happening to them and what they need to do in order to improve? The unit will liaise with the youth groups of churches, local associations and parent/teachers associations in schools and will introduce the program for the training of student leaders and drug free club leaders, who will in turn train their members. Relevant literature would be sourced and distributed freely.

The Unit will organize Lectures, Seminars, Workshops and conferences periodically to enlighten the general populace. This program could be in collaboration with other organizations interested in information dissemination especially in the area of substance abuse, STIs-HIV/AIDS, Mental health and Life skills.

Information on the activities and progress of the Center will be published in form of a news letter by this unit. The person in charge of the unit will handle Public Relations. All Technical Staff of the center will be in charge of information dissemination either on a one on one basis or in groups as they interact with the Clients at the Center. All Clinical Research conducted by the center will be supervised by this unit.


Rehabilitation/ Integration Unit


The Rehabilitation and Reintegration program will be in two phases. The First phase will comprise Skills Training and Academic Training. This will benefit clients in or out of treatment. Focus will be on the youth, especially the semi-literate. The office for this phase will be located in Jos for ease during takeoff before relocating to the permanent site.


    1. The center has a Skills Aquisition Programmes that already offers a certificate training in computer application programme. In addition Artisans will partner with the center to offer training in Carpentary, Tailoring, Welding, Automobile repair, Automobil painting, Hair dressing (saloon & Braids).


    1. The centre has offered support to encourage the Youth in sports like football. This is aimed at mobilizing and engaging these young people in various communities to compete and form relationships that would unite these groups and keep them from drug use/abuse


    1. The centre has started an empowerment programme for women in petty trades. They are given interest free soft loans with an agreed flexible repayment plan. Most of these women are the bread winners in their homes.