The Psychological Unit


Understandably, mental illness often poses a significant obstacle to progress in drug abuse treatment. Research has shown that drug abuse clients with psychiatric complications often do poor in traditional drug treatment regardless of the quality, unless their mental health problem is also treated. Therefore, the center also provides treatment for mental ill health to clients found with dual diagnosis of substance abuse and mental illness, or mental illness alone as the case may be. The self help -twelve steps programme is also  the focus of this unit.

The Medical Unit


A medical laboratory for testing substances of abuse and Sexually transmitted infections (STIs), which include the wide, spread social menace – Human Immunodeficiency Virus! Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS) is in place. All infected patients especially those who test HIV positive are referred for confirmatory test and then treated and/or managed. Other medical conditions that require laboratory test are also attended to here

Information / Awareness Unit


This unit is responsible for the dissemination of information on the dangers of substance use and abuse, STIs like HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis and Mental illness. The unit also liaises with youth groups of churches, communities, local associations and the parent/teachers associations in schools. Establishing drug free clubs in school and training of student leaders, who will in turn train their members. Relevant literature is sourced periodically and distributed freely.
The Publication of Journals and Books on psychoactive substances and drug related issues, lifestyle issues is the responsibility of this unit.

Rehabilitation/ Integration Unit


The Rehabilitation and Reintegration program is in two phases. The first phase is already in place and comprises skills training and academic training. This is expected to benefit clients in or out of treatment. Focus is on the youth, especially the semi-literate. The office for this phase is located in Jos. The center offers skills training in computer application, hairdressing, carpentry and tailoring. Some of these graduates have been reintegrated into the workforce in their communities.