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Psychological Unit

Understandably, mental illness often poses a significant obstacle to progress in the treatment of drug use disorders. Research has shown that individuals with substance use disorders with underlying psychiatric complications often do poorly in traditional drug treatment regardless of the quality, unless their mental health problem is also treated. Therefore, the center provides treatment for mental ill health to clients found with dual diagnosis of substance use disorder and mental illness, or mental illness alone as the case may be. Services on mental health and Life skills training are assessed in this unit and clients are referred to our empowerment programmes as the need arises.

The Medical Unit

Medical and Physical cases are handled by this section. A Standard Medical Laboratory is in place for testing to help in diagnosis of medical cases, for initial assessment of HIV, while confirmatory tests are carried out by a center recommended by ICISAT. We also provide drug and alcohol screening services in other to ascertain specific drugs of abuse when an individual comes into treatment and as means of monitoring abstinence in recovery.

Spiritual support

In this unit, we provide mutual help and support group programs like the narcotics/alcoholic anonymous (12 steps; a spiritual journey) and other after care programs. We also provide biblical counseling and training as part of a comprehensive treatment program.

Information / Awareness Unit

This unit is responsible for the prevention/information dissemination aspects of Substance Use and Abuse, STIs- HIV/AIDS and Mental illness. We provide clients with relevant, accurate and adequate information on the nature of their condition/disease; what is happening to them and what they need to do in order to improve? We conduct sensitization/advocacy activities around drug use, prevention treatment and care for key influencers in the community, law enforcement agencies, religious leaders, CSO’s working in related area and the general public.

We also provide school based programs targeted at drug prevention through training for secondary school teachers, parents and youth, and drug free club leaders. 


We provide Rehabilitation and Reintegration programs via Skill acquisition and Academic Trainings. We also partner with related organizations and institutions providing similar or complimentary services that helps/facilitates our client reintegration programs. This is part of a comprehensive treatment plan that attends to the multiple needs of our clients across all the possible affected domains of their lives.

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