Global Day Of Parents: ICISAT Celebrates Parents Across Nigeria.

Isana Centre for Information and Substance Abuse Treatment (ICISAT) joins Nigerians in celebrating Parents on the Global Day of Parents 1st June 2021. We salute your resilience as parents in these trying times. Your place as custodians of the family cannot be overemphasized. Not only are you expected to be role models, you are also required to be the Anti decay for the young members of society. Parents must strive to remain committed to each other as couples in order to keep the family unit intact.
The current rising trend of Substance use and abuse among our young population is of great concern to all. While we appreciate all that parents have been doing in the home front, we are using this medium to remind all parents that you are the ANTI-DRUG agents in your homes and communities. Setting the ground rules in the home and implementing them consistently have been found to be very effective in preventing children from engaging in negative vices including drug use and abuse. Take time to create a friendly home environment for your family, listen to your children, know your children’s friends, know the basic facts about the different substances of abuse and their consequences then engage your children in meaningful discussion on your expectation from them concerning drugs use/abuse.

Even where you as parents use or abuse substances, honest discussion with your children on your struggles with drugs use/abuse and your desire that they do not follow the same route has been found to deter children from initiating use.
To the young adults out there, join us in appreciating parents for being there for you no matter what, and commit to making their task lighter and easier.

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